Cardiologists of Scottsdale was formed to provide personalized, high quality, comprehensive cardiology care. Our model was taken from 20 years of practice in the Midwest, and now 15 years in the Scottsdale-Phoeinix area using the best the technology and innovative thought. We are office-based but have a strong hospital presence.

Our approach to cardiology is not procedure-based but patient-based. We are capable of performing multiple tests and procedures, but try to individualize your care plan.

We work with you to come up with the appropriate course of action and long-term plan.  Our commitment to the patient is a long-term one.

We distinguish ourselves by relying heavily on physician decision-making rather than delegating decisions to paramedical personnel, or simply performing a test without a specific purpose.  Cardiologists of Scottsdale  expects to know you and you us.